A Stylish Summer Wedding in Positano & Sorrento

Yvonne and Ronan were married on the beautiful Amalfi Coast, in a lovely catholic wedding ceremony at the Santa Maria Assunta church in Positano followed by a fabulous reception at the Villa Eliana in the hills above Sorrento.

The wedding took place on a balmy summer’s day in mid-July attended by a large group of the couples’ families and friends. Yvonne and Ronan, who have a beautiful 9-month old son together called Ollie, met through Yvonne’s close friend Lorraine who is Ronan’s cousin. Lorraine took Yvonne along to a summer party at Ronan’s house back in 2003 and the rest is history!

The spent a wonderful holiday at Lake Garda in 2009, staying in Garda town and beautiful Limone. Even though their holiday was full of fabulously romantic moments, Ronan decided to ‘pop the question’ while Yvonne was wearing a towel with mascara streaked eyes and a sunburnt nose having just stepped out of the shower. Perhaps not the most romantic of moments and not the most typical of proposal situations people would imagine, but for Yvonne it was a very ‘real’ setting and an unforgettable moment!

Needless to say, Yvonne said yes and their return home was full of the excitement of announcing their engagement! Yvonne loves the sun and had always dreamed of getting married abroad. The couple really liked the idea of having a wedding holiday with their closest family and friends rather than just a one-day event. Italy was always the couple’s first destination choice and they had fallen in love with Sorrento during their first, magical, holiday together seven years earlier and the Amalfi Coast had stayed very close to their hearts.

Having just been to Lake Garda and having been engaged there, Yvonne and Ronan also considered getting married by the lake, but time and again were drawn back to the Amalfi Coast and the fabulous settings they had enjoyed so many years before. And looking back, Yvonne and Ronan are so grateful they chose Positano and Sorrento for their wedding celebrations.

The couple and their guests got ready at the Hotel Vesuvius in the hills above Sorrento. Yvonne and her bridesmaid sister and mum spent a lovely morning getting ready together while Ronan got ready with his brother Darragh, his son Ollie and his close friends.

One of Yvonne’s treasured memories of the wedding day is a knock on her hotel room door at 7am on the morning of her wedding. She opened the door to find her lovely son waiting their holding a box and with a message from daddy, saying he loved her. Inside the box was a beautiful bracelet that had pride of place on Yvonne’s wrist during her wedding day!

The majority of the couple’s wedding party travelled from their native Ireland or from the UK. Yvonne’s aunt, uncle and cousin made the long journey from Australia to be at Yvonne’s wedding. Unfortunately her aunt passed away a few months after the wedding. It was a particularly amazing feeling for Yvonne to know she was able to share this very important event in her life with her aunt.

Ronan and the couple’s guests travelled together along the picturesque winding coast roads to the pretty seaside town of Positano where they waited expectantly for Yvonne to arrive. Yvonne loved walking through the streets of Positano with her bridesmaid sister Gemma and accompanied by her dad as they headed to the church.

Yvonne and Ronan were married on a particularly hot day. Passersby offered well wishes, water, tissues and one American lady even gave Yvonne a mini battery-operated fan to keep her cool! It was so much fun and so exciting!

The couple were married in the beautiful Santa Maria Assunta church, reached via one of Positano’s pretty cobbled streets and overlooking the beach and centre of town.

The most emotional event of the day for Yvonne was walking down the aisle. As soon as she heard the strings of her entrance music ‘Nella fantasia’ (which aptly, means ‘in my fantasy’), Yvonne felt a lump in her throat and began getting emotional. She was immediately offered tissues by one of the tourists gathering outside of the church. Seeing Ronan at the end of the aisle, taking a peek at Yvonne’s entrance into the church is a truly unforgettable moment.

The ceremony, celebrated by an English speaking priest, was a very emotional experience both for the couple and for many of their guests as tissues were passed around.

As they walked back down the aisle together, Yvonne and Ronan were greeted by the applause, congratulations and beaming smiles of the people who had travelled so far to be with their for their wedding day!

After the ceremony, Yvonne and Ronan’s guests gathered on the steps of the church to throw confetti and offer hugs and kisses of congratulation. The striking group of fabulously dressed ladies and dapper men drew attention from passersby who shouted congratulations to the couple.

Yvonne and Ronan wanted to capture the picturesque setting of Positano in their wedding photographs. They left their guests to begin their journey to the next exciting stage of this wedding day adventure and walked down the steps from the church, through the narrow cobbled streets towards the beach, stopping along the way to capture the beauty of Positano.

Positano, with its pretty pastel coloured houses that seem to tumble down the mountainside to the sea, the vibrant beach area and characteristic bougainvillea filled streets, is truly unique and one of the Amalfi Coast’s most lovely settings and offers so many wonderful backdrops to stunning wedding photography, as Yvonne and Ronan discovered!

The port area, with its jetty cut into the mountainside and its panoramic views across the sparkling blue-green waters of the Mediterranean sea, offers a breathtakingly beautiful setting for wedding photography.

After pictures in Positano, Yvonne, Ronan travelled back along the lovely winding coast roads to join their guests at the Villa Eliana, perched on the cliff side high above Sorrento.

Immersed in greenery and accompanied by the fragrant perfume of lemons and jasmine, the Villa Eliana is a modern and elegant structure, built in the late 60s by the architect Achille Lauro as a testimony of love to his second wife Eliana.

The villa is divided into three levels with verdant gardens, spacious terraces, a beautiful pool and 180 degree views. It is a very striking venue and one that lends itself perfectly to fabulous photography! In fact, Yvonne and Ronan’s guests were lost for words at just how beautiful the Villa Eliana was.

Aperitifs were served from the covered terrace in front of the villa. Guests took plates of delicious local delicacies down to the two lower terraces where they admired the amazing views and relaxed and chatted on the comfy sofas, shaded by umbrellas and accompanied by a cooling sea breeze.


Before dinner, the couple took advantage of the Villa’s charming and lush gardens for more fabulous photo opportunities both alone together and with their groups of family and friends.

One of Yvonne’s funniest parts of the day was my encouraging her to wear my oversized sunglasses – which made her look very glamorous – and to make funny, pouty poses for our cameras, ‘Posh Spice’ style!

Sitting, lying and playing on the grass with his mummy and daddy was particularly fun for the couple’s young son Ollie, who was a perfectly behaved angel throughout the day’s events and festivities.

Dinner was served on the terrace overlooking the villa’s wonderful pool. Guests dined on beautifully prepared and presented dishes mixing traditional and modern Italian cuisine, made with tasty and fresh locally-grown produce. Villa Eliana’s catering service offers a delicious but very Italian-style dining experience and before the wedding, Yvonne was a little concerned that the food may not appeal to all of her guests. However, for Yvonne, it was the loveliest food she had ever tasted at a wedding and her guests still talk about their wonderful wedding meal.

After dinner the couple cut their impressive and delectable traditional Italian wedding cake decorated with cream and fresh forest fruits to the applause of their guests. Following cake and a champagne toast, the DJ began playing and Yvonne and Ronan danced their first dance in front of their delighted guests before they were joined on the dance floor to party the night away.

In Yvonne’s own words, ‘the whole day went perfectly from beginning to end and the day was everything we expected and much more besides’!

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